How To Practise

In order to get the best from your practise you need to follow some basic philosophies :  
The old adage "practise makes perfect" is not strictly true.
In reality, "practise makes permanent" - what happens is that you build muscle memory from doing the same action over and over again. This is why you see tennis players having the ability to hit the ball on the line repeatedly.
What you need to practise is a set routine with the same shot or series of shots over and over again (just like the tennis players) The famous tennis coach, Nick Bollettieri, made his players hit balls all day, every day but in a very structured way to induce discipline in the practise sessions.
Ensure that you have discipline in your practise sessions. Plan what you are going to work on and stick to your plan and technique. Do not be satisfied to just knock balls around, this is not constructive. Concentrate on your technique, it is what you will rely on when the pressure is on and you are about to pot that last black for your first 147.